To people who doesn´t like tattoos

To people who doesn't like tattoos : the number of tattooed people is only increasing deal with it, u can't stop the future. That's why u wear ties, cut your hair short, accept medicine when you are sick , and why you stopped thinking that rain is not some God s message, was that in your traditional roots? no, because societies change and thats natural, tradition is not, death is stable, life is not. Tradition had the intention to keep alive the important things, when you resist new thing,s think if is not only fear to the unknown, or ignorance, because you are thinking is something you knew before and you are actually not even trying to undertand whats in front of you in present time, think if you are basing your aproach to this subjet with data you got from fiction, tv and movies.

 We all must protect the important things like family values, and community thinking, but thats not what tradition is achieving now, repeating rituals and old ways without open eyes into the present, turns tradition in a no more than empty, colorful acts, like it or not, change is in the core of life and shutting your eyes to it will only leave you behind, it wont stop it, and your attempt to make it stop causes a great deal of pain to you and the ones around you.
  Like the Tao says "soft overcomes the hard", flexibility is a feature of grouwth and life, like the bones of the babys that are soft so they can t break easily, soft is life while hardness is closer to death,  understand you are being the hard here.

When you reject and call names to tattooed people you think you are resisting a violent unhealthy behaviour, you think you are doing a good thing because you see your act as a protection to  your values,  think again, is just a decoration... and you are being violent towards people like me, wich is clearly an unhealthy behaviour, tattooed people are not threatening your values, we also have families and want to live decently,  you see in us things that are in your mind, not in us. Im not saying tattooed people are good, im saying we are people, and as such, theres good and bad, but you have to stop using tattoos you make us all the same. It is natural, and we all fall into this trap, to attach to a feature to create a sense of security, is is much harder to accept that theres no sign in a persons image that will tell us if it represents a danger or a potential friend, but its an ilusion... not every black person is good is sports, not every suited person hast morals,  not every western is american, not every asian is a genious, and not every tattooed person is crazy, you will have to deal with the complexity and variety of life with a lot more than a feature to understand it.

Inspired by narrow minded people in Kaohsiung, taiwan,  sadly.